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Welcome to ShellyLib

ShellyLib is a small library to create shapes and textures of seashells and snails.
The most prominent applications using ShellyLib are the seashell custom object for The Mops/Ayam and the Shell Laboratory.

The Shell Laboratory is real fun to play with. Just drag some sliders and see your changes immediately take effect in a realtime calculated and OpenGL rendered representation of the shell!

All shells on these pages (unless stated otherwise) have been rendered with OpenGL in the Shell Laboratory.

The Shell Laboratory currently runs on Unix (Linux, NetBSD, IRIX, Solaris, HP-UX tested), Win95-Vista, and MacOSX/X11.

Here are some example shapes:
Lyria Ammonite Turritella

See also these screenshots of the Shell Laboratory in action:

Sundial Miraculous Thatcheria

For more information, please read the extended feature list.

ShellyLib is Shareware!

Register ShellyLib at ShareIt! (Program number: 100621, Direct Purchase Link).

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Randolf Schultz, 8. Jul 2008